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who we are

Ellune Property Services, with its years of expe­rience, is able to provide high quality services in every field of the London real estate market, such as property investments, property mana­gement and refurbishment projects. By emphasizing on trust, personal contact and the true needs of our clients, we offer you the opportunity to explore London’s real estate mar­ket more easily and reliably than ever.


Through our website you will be able to exami­ne exceptionally attractive offers and real esta­te proposals in central London, especially if you are:



Are you an investor interested in properties with endu­ring value and high returns?

Property Owner

Are you an Property owner in London, seeking the best possible use of your property, either through rental or through optimal profes­sional management?


Are you a student looking for an apartment as con­venient as possible regarding your univer­sity and public transport?


Are you a businessman or employee wishing to find a modern apartment in the heart of the Bri­tish capital, combining comfort and fun­ctiona­lity?

Secure the best value for your property in Lon­don by using the Refurbishment and Manage­ment Services of Ellune Property.

Browse through our website for some of the most elegant, modern and functional apart­ments in central London, and find the flat or the property of your dreams easily, quickly and economically by using the Ellune Property Finding Service.


Contact us and gain instant and most reliable access to central London real estate market.