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Property Management

Acquiring a fine property, though an excellent move, is only the foundation of a successful investment. Property management is the key factor that will largely determine the efficiency and overall success of your investment. Effective and profitable property management poses a besetting problem for landlords, especially those living abroad.


Puzzling questions such as the following often trouble their minds:


The fastest possible letting of your property. Ellune Property Services, by making the most of its broad connections in London’s real estate market and its years of experience in the field, is able of renting your apartment as quickly as possible and with the best possible rental.


Your protection against deceit or improper tenant behaviour, as our experienced solicitors take care the preparation of contracts.


Regular checking of your property’s state and condition, averting possible damages and maintenance issues.


Regular and timely rental collection, as well as its immediate deposit in your bank account.


Immediate, full and economical repair of any damage or wear, as well as any technical installation. Ellune’s experienced and qualified technicians give you the opportunity of personally checking each project’s budget and quality, thereby avoiding iniquitous charges, unnecessary expenses and inferior work. In case of an installation, a relevant certificate is granted.

Property management charges in London never exceed 5% of the rental price. Still, the benefits for the owner are manifold, both financially, by increasing the property’s value and relieving the owner of superfluous or unneeded expenses, and psychologically, by alleviating the anxiety and discomfort often generated by managing a property, especially when residing abroad.



Our client’s trust and appreciation is the best possible advertisement.